Wyatt Vannin - Leatherandvodka Exclusive Space Mist


Leather | Teak | Bergamont

This sensual fragrance has a rich woodsy scent with a blend of leather, teak and bergamot.

The 4 fl oz. bottle measures 4.44" tall x 1.92" wide. Each bottle is packaged in a reusable black Leatherandvodka sack. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing. 

Wyatt Vannin Designs products are not only aesthetically pleasing; but also sustainable, eco-friendly, allergy-friendly, non-carcinogenic, free of synthetic dyes, reusable, and made with ethically sourced materials.

Every batch is strategically blended with eccentric fragrance notes; creating an inimitable aromatic experience. Every candle and Space Mist ® is meticulously produced by hand, MADE IN TEXAS, using only the purest and finest ingredients from some of the world's most exotic regions.  

SPACE MIST® is for your home, office, linens, auto, or any space that could use a nice dose of your favorite fragrance!
Made with 100% natural, organic, wild harvested witch hazel; and gluten-free, non-gmo grain alcohol.

NOTE: Separation will occur. Shake vigorously and spray. GF. For auto use, mist floorboards only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for skin. Store in a cool space away from direct sunlight. Do not leave in hot vehicles.